Thursday, 17 March 2016

Rare Replay Limited Edition.

Just a little quickie unboxing today, the Rare Replay Limited Edition:

Front of the box, fairly standard stuff.

Side of the box is pretty deceiving. I thought it was going to be able to fold out and have like a window inside, but nope :(

And the top...

Other side.

So unbelievably difficult to photograph this because of the reflective print.

Close up of the Battletoads logo.

And finally, the back of the box.

I have now however realised I did not take photos of the game inside the box. Rest assured, they will be uploaded soon, and don't worry, it's just a standard UK copy of the game anyway, nothing super excited box-wise.

This is a good little edition though, especially as the game was £17.99, but this edition was £27.99, so an extra tenner for a nice t-shirt isn't too bad :) Exclusive to GAME in the UK, it was stated to be in "Limited Quantities" but no word on exact numbers. It was also stated (by at least one other online source) that the t-shirt is the same one that Phil Spencer wore in the Windows 10 event, however they are slightly different; his one had a black outline around the logo, whereas this one doesn't.

And there was no way we were missing out on this game!

Do you have this edition?
What are your opinions on it?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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