Thursday, 31 March 2016


Just a quick update for everyone who is awaiting new posts; reviews and/or unboxings. They're coming! I'm sorry that they're taking a little longer than expected to be posted, but life, along with the huuuuge fucking backlog I've built up, has gotten in the way.

I've got a pretty large list of games awaiting review, most specifically, the ones I've been lucky enough to have been given by developers and publishers alike. We, in the Asylum, are just two people. With two young children who naturally (and deservedly so) take up the majority of our time and energy.

We put ourselves out there, into the big, bad world of reviewing, not really expecting much response (at least, to begin with), considering the fact that in the grand scheme of things, we are nobodies. But companies liked to talk to us, they really liked us, and of course, they benefit by getting a review out there on their latest game, or edition, so many were (and still are) interested in helping us out with review copies and such.

In fact, we completely underestimated just how much of a response that we'd get. And due to the fact that the "Review List" that had been compiled of games we already owned (or had preordered) grew in size, with the added pressure of: "yeah, we'll probably have to get this review done asap so that [company] will be happy with us", and then the list doubled, then we hesitated about focusing solely on the review copies we'd been given, then we were buried under a massive pile of Steam codes and other review copies, and so on and so forth.

Because it's not so much the writing of the review that takes time. Sure, it may take effort and a bit of time, but it's what goes into it that is taking up our time. And that is the playing of the games themselves.

Now, don't get me wrong, we love having tonnes of games to play, and we truly enjoy playing and reviewing them. It was just that we hadn't expected such a sudden influx of review codes at once, and then a variety of "life" things getting in the way.


I have played and completed a whole bunch of the games on my list in the past week or so. Most recently being Oxenfree. So I will be posting my reviews of the so-far completed games over the next few days, as well as my review/unboxing of the absolutely stunning Killzone Virtual Design Art Book, courtesy of Cook and Becker, which is severely making me want a copy of the CE version, as well as the Oxenfree CE, Life is Strange LE and various other CEs we have received recently.

Anyway, I'm sorry for this terribly long rambly post, but I just wanted to make everyone aware that we have not forgotten to do any specific reviews or unboxings, nor are we avoiding doing them for whatever reason, we just got completely caught up in the landslide of stuff we have to do, haha.

Anyway, I hope to have the first of the reviews up later tonight (depending on what time I can get the kids to sleep, as of right now they are still wide awake), so make sure to check back later!

- V x

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