Thursday, 28 April 2016


I was going to get lots of stuff posted for you over these few days past, and the next few days also, after discovering a bundle of articles I'd written but stupidly not realised hadn't been posted.

Then, this crappy week happened and my laptop charger exploded. Laptop is already dead, so can't get access to the files.

I did get a new charger yesterday (or the day before, possibly) but it didn't work. So I need to wait and get a new one asap (which is unfortunately gonna take a while as I can't afford a new one right now).

Anyway, I can do some posts from my phone. So I am going to make sure to keep posting what I can, when I can. We've also been tidying up the house recently, so the PC table has a bit more access now, so if I can get the PC to work, I'll at least be able to get some more posts done (since its easier to do them on an actual PC or laptop, since I can then tweak my photos etc.)

I'm really sorry guys, if I could just have a nice easy life for once, I'd be so grateful haha, but unfortunately there always seems to be something messing up.

Make sure to keep checking our twitter page too, as it's the most updated of our social media pages, and it's super easy to do some quick posts on there from my phone, including some random snapshots of the collection, which I shall do to keep you all interested in the mean time :).

What's been happening for you this week?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Entries to the Asylum - Saturday 23rd April 2016.

Late post from yesterday, due to the aforementioned laptop-charger-issues. One item arrived yesterday, and it's one we've been waiting on for quite some time:

- The Last of Us 4xLP Original Soundtrack.

This set from Mondo is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, it has long since sold out. You may be able to find them on eBay, etc, and I really would recommend picking a set up if you get the chance.

So, anything new in your collections today?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

The Super Late Edition of Thoughts on Thursday!

Welp, it's Sunday.

I missed this week's Thoughts on Thursday as my laptop charger has pretty much broken - I've now semi-fixed it with electrical tape, but this is just a quick fix. Apparently, a new charger from Dell will set me back £112, and I am not willing (or able!) to pay that.

I managed to get a quick post in on Friday via what little battery I had left before I realised just how screwed my charger is. So for now, I'm writing with a very carefully angled charger wire, praying to the gods of Alienware that it holds out just a bit longer.

I don't really have a topic for this week, as my head has been pretty much fried from the laptop not working, and various monetary issues (why can't I be rich, goddamnit!) so I think I'll just discuss various aspects of collecting...

Collecting is a hella expensive hobby. It really is. Sure, there are methods of cost-cutting, such as only buying pre-owned, or sticking to, say one item a month, or even confining your collecting habit to a specific franchise, or console. For us here in the Asylum, we have slightly opposing collecting habits to each other. We both used to want to own everything. I still do. I hate missing out on any edition, however I have calmed down somewhat in that I now tend to only preorder the things I will definitely play. Allan would much rather stick to only buying editions for franchises he truly loves, however even at that, he usually delves into the "preorder everything" mode, when he sees awesome looking editions for games he'll play, but maaaybe wouldn't have gone all out on an edition for.

We do tend to try and get as much as is humanly possible, anyway, but it is difficult, especially as editions seem to be getting more and more expensive (look at the Dark Souls III Prestige Edition!) and also, for a large number of them, they're growing in size, and it's not like we're not already having issues with space running out already!

When we first moved into this house (almost a year ago now), our collection was already giant. But luckily, we managed to fit the majority of our things on the shelves in our room, without much on the floor. Well, since then - even though it doesn't feel like we've gotten a whole lot more, we have - the floor space has been shrinking at an incredible rate. I'm also trying to document everything (again), with an Excel Spreadsheet, and needless to say, it is taking forever. I'm approximately half way through the stuff in our room so far (there's more down in the livingroom, etc) and I'm at 1053 items on my spreadsheet. And I haven't even started adding in all the info for everything so that's gonna be a pretty daunting task!

I truly enjoy collecting, and I intend to keep doing it for many years to come. Ideally, we'll be able to move into a bigger house at some point, and can dedicate a large room to the collection, but that won't be for a long time yet. Heck, at the minute, our room houses us, Eva and the collection. Once Eva is bigger, she'll then be sharing with Allan for a few years till we can get a bigger place.

We're going to get our Youtube channel relaunched very soon, as we've finally started working on the cubby hole project that I mentioned moooonths ago. We've (when I say we, I mean Allan) gutted it out of most of the decorating stuff that was in there (leftover half-filled paint tins, etc) and now it just needs a light installed, a desk installed and then fully painted, and it'll be done. It is going to be a multi-purpose cubby-hole, for Allan to draw in, but also for me to work on cosplays and store them. (The cosplay will be a little bit in the future though, as I'm aiming to be back down to target weight this summer).

Before we get the Youtube channel relaunched, I'm gonna do a couple of pre-relaunch (haha) streams on Periscope, to show you all the mess that is the collection at the minute, as well as some Twitch streams (so comment below what games you'd like to see!). And of course, I'd love to hear what you guys would like to see unboxed and/or reviewed too, so be sure to let me know in the comments! Be sure to like us on facebook and follow us on Twitter, to make sure you're always kept up to date when these things are happening!

So what are you looking forward to being unboxed the most? Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

Friday, 22 April 2016

Entries to the Asylum - Friday 22nd April 2016.

Couple of entries to the Asylum today, one being:

- Ratchet and Clank [PS4].

And the other entry was a package from the lovely Monika, whom I gave my spare preorder of the Dark Souls III Prestige Edition, and she sent me a package as a little thank you :)

I will do a little post on it tomorrow, as it was so cute and I am very grateful to have communities like the one over at, that allows us collectors to make friends all over the world, who share the same (highly addictive) hobby that we do.

I will also be posting a few of the reviews that I've done over the past few months, that I apologise have not been uploaded yet. Just today, I discovered a folder of reviews written, but needing formatted and checked over, that I've yet to post. I'll likely only post a couple of them tomorrow, rather than them all, and then continue to post another 1-2 each day after that, so you'll have lots to read!

Anyway, have you received anything today?
Are you gonna pick up Ratchet and Clank before it hits the cinema next week?

Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

Friday, 15 April 2016

Thoughts on Thursday - It's a mish-mash!

So for this week's Thoughts on Thursday (and I apologise that it's now Friday morning, I fell asleep writing this last night!), I don't have one specific topic like I normally do. There's been a couple of things I want to discuss and post about, and I figured what better way to do that than just get it all out in this weeks' Thoughts on Thursday :) So apologies in advance for the numerous topics!

Okay, so the first topic is basically, the direction of Collecting Asylum. Our future, our intentions, our goals. Essentially.

We (I say we, but it's pretty much always me who is typing stuff up, but some of the content from reviews and such come from Allan, it's just that he's more behind-the-scenes), from the beginning, have always wanted to run a site about our love of gaming, as well as movies, comics and all the other things that we really enjoy and collect. It has definitely proven to be quite a challenge, especially since we have had a number of setbacks over the years. Plus, having two young kids means that we sometimes struggle to get stuff done for the site.

We do aim to change this, and as you can see, we've started with the regular posting of Thoughts on Thursday. There's quite a few regular things we'd like to get started, but rather than unleashing them all at once (and no doubt bogging ourselves down with it, since we'd be going from nothing to tonnes instantly) we thought it would be a better idea to incorporate one or two regular things at a time.

Right now, it's Thoughts on Thursdays. These will be posted every Thursday, and as I've said before, you can suggest topics for the following weeks post in the comments. Our Entries to the Asylum posts, whilst frequent, are pretty much impossible to make regular, as editions can come whenever really, so that will stay on it's current schedule of "as and when". We could arrange it to be a weekly update, but there are some weeks that we receive a million things, and some weeks with nothing at all (this week so far has been pretty empty, for example).

Soon, I will be incorporating the unboxings again. We got that started up again a while ago, but various things got in the way, but we should hopefully be able to get that back on a regular schedule quite easily. With possibly one or two unboxings per week (of older stuff).

We also, alongside the Entries to the Asylum, want to get unboxings done for things as and when they are received. Not necessarily every single thing, every single time. And we want to get the Youtube channel back up and running, with unboxings, reviews, Let's Plays and more, but our recording equipment is all pretty crap. We have set up a Patreon (kinda a while ago now) with the hopes that some lovely people would contribute but we understand that that's a pretty big ask. We are intending to save towards better equipment too, but this month and next month are far too expensive for that! So we'll be saving from June onwards, pretty much, but it could still take quite some time before we've got decent equipment.

We will be doing live streams on Twitch periodically, you can all suggest which games you'd like to see me and/or Allan play, both for Xbox One and PS4. Technically I could do Steam too, but I'm 1) more comfortable playing on console, and 2) Back to the equipment issues. 

Second topic is Customer Service - or sometimes, the lack thereof.

Some shops/online stores have fantastic customer service, and some have either completely awful or basically non-existant CS. Amazon are usually always on the good side of the scale for me, but yesterday was a nightmare.

As you all know, I had an un-needed copy of the Dark Souls III Prestige Edition, that I'd forgotten about, on I decided I would give the order away to someone that missed out, as long as it was someone I could trust wasn't going to try and turn a profit on it. Well, I found that person, Anjelaoni, a fellow member over at She was super excited to finally have her own copy and couldn't have been happier.

The order was sitting as "Estimated Delivery Date 13th/14th April" basically ever since I first preordered it. Understandable - the game is released on the 12th, but this is having to make it's way over from France. Fine. Only, the 12th passed, and it still hadn't shipped. Hadn't even taken the money. The 13th passed, same issue. Contacted and they said that they hadn't yet received their stock in. I figured, okay, fair enough. Typical it would happen to me, on an order that I'm forwarding to someone, but okay. Another day passes, and I can't find anyone anywhere posting about this supposed delay from I could find people who'd even had theirs shipped/had received theirs from, so something was clearly up.

I spent pretty much all day yesterday, in multiple Live Chats with the team, being told repeatedly that they hadn't received stock in. When I pointed out that friends had received their copies (with screenshot evidence of shipping confirmations, etc), I was told that they were liars and just trying to spread rumours. I was told that it was impossible for them to have had theirs shipped as there is no stock yet, and that if I don't want to wait, I can cancel my order.

Then, my order changed to "Estimated Delivery Date: 4th/5th July". I thought, this can't be right. And again contacted Live Chat, plus their team through Twitter, and of course, Bandai Namco themselves. Live Chat still repeated to me that they had no stock, and that I'd have to wait it out. "If you don't want it, you can just cancel and purchase something else", I was told. I explained that I was not prepared to do this as the order is for something now impossible to get for the same price. Bandai Namco replied to me stating that they had in fact passed on the stock to with no issues.

Chasing it up again, I was told I was wrong, and that I'd need to wait, again.

I'd all but given up, when I went out to the shop to find that my bank balance was much lower than it should have been. Miraculously, payment had now been taken from and my order shipped.

Funny what a full day of pestering them can do.

I then went on to complain to them about me having to chase up the order and even go as far as to contacting Bandai Namco, as well as being told that my friends were liars, etc. And you know what I got? A €3 refund, as an apology and as compensation. 3 EUROS. On a €450+ order. I don't know how they thought that acceptable as a goodwill gesture, but hey ho. At least the order has shipped.

It's due to arrive today, and I'm already praying that the delivery guy offers to put it in the house for me, as at 13.5kg (or so I've heard), there's no chance I'm gonna be able to lift that thing easily.

But back to the topic on hand, some places are awful with CS. As above, really dropped the ball with this one. Amazon are normally one of the better companies, in terms of Customer Service, but this was really disappointing - especially as it can't just be blamed on a member of staff having an off day, since I spoke to countless people on the Live Chat.

Anyway, I think I've rambled enough for you all!

So have you had any memorable moments with Customer Service from somewhere?
Was it a good experience, or bad?
Let us know in the comments below!
- V x

Friday, 8 April 2016

Entries to the Asylum - Friday 8th April 2016.

One new entry to the Asylum today, and it was from the fantastic Indiebox!

- March 2016 Indiebox - Assault Android Cactus.

We'll be getting some unboxings up for our collection of Indieboxes so far, as well as reviews for all of the games :) And be sure to let the team over at Indie Box know what games you'd like to see get the IndieBox treatment!

So what's new in your collection this week?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

Thoughts on Thursday; Scalping.

[This was written yesterday, on Thursday, but I forgot to post rather than save as a draft, however more has been added in today, so yay!]

Being a collector, there's a lot of scalping to see in the collecting world. From freebies given out at events being sold on for profit on eBay, etc. to people putting their preordered editions up for sale at two, three times the retail cost, purely because the edition has sold out, and everyone wants one - heck, remember the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Editions?

It's hard to turn a blind eye to it. And it's an infuriating situation, that in some cases, has become widely accepted in this hobby.

As mentioned before, Fallout 4 Pip Boy Editions sold out pretty damn fast after being listed. We were lucky that when we watched E3 and it was announced, we constantly were checking for when and where they were to be listed afterwards, and made sure we got ourselves a copy. And in the end, they didn't turn out to be quite as limited as we expected, meaning that a lot of people paid well over the odds for these editions.

It's a common occurrence for people to pay more than an editions worth. Not only when they sell out during the preorder period, but afterwards too, when the edition is a bit older, a bit harder to find (in decent condition) and desperation takes its' toll. I don't have quite as much of an issue with that, as ultimately, as time goes on, things do become harder to find, especially in good condition. Lower availability = higher value. Better condition = higher value. And so on, so forth. I buy plenty of things from people who are reselling. And I get that. 

But it's when the scalpers have their stuff listed on eBay for scandalous prices before the Edition has even been released that really grinds my gears. The availability is only lower because scalpers have snaffled up such high quantities, purely to resell, generating the buzz and the hype when the Edition sells out, therefore making people buy from them. So 5,000 of whatever is available. They are selling at about 200-300 an hour, until a scalper shows up, and another, and another, and now they're selling at 500 an hour. Boom, less than a day later and the entire stocks have vanished. But then they appear on eBay. This seller has 20 available, oh, and this one has 50. Oh, and there's 50 listings, each on average with 20 available. And yeah, people are buying them from the resellers, but it's taking time. Plus nobody really wants to pay those prices. So more people look, and list their preorders, since they want a slice of the pie. And by the end of it, you've no doubt got a large chunk still listed on eBay, when interest dwindles, as nobody else can afford the 5x RRP price point. and the resellers need to drop their prices a little anyway, or they get stuck with them. So the "super in demand" item, that yeah, would've probably sold out due to it's production run anyway, has now pointlessly sold out early, preventing lots of decent people from wanting to buy a game they really want, at a decent price, just because some people want to make a quick buck. And technically, they're not even allowed to do it, as listing stuff that you don't actually have in hand is somewhat against the rules if I remember correctly. But people do it anyway.

And people ultimately buy them.

Take the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Editions, which went up for preorder just over a week ago. I did a quick search of sold listings on eBay there for that, and do you know what I found? Numerous sold listings, all around the £400 mark. The highest being £499.99 plus postage. This is for an edition that is going to cost £189.99 on release. That the majority of people with preorders from Square Enix Store (where it was exclusive to) won't have paid for yet. So basically, if you paid for a copy on eBay, you've just given these scalpers a loan of £400-£500, that they'll then only need to pay £190 on come September. Me personally, I got a copy preordered for myself. Then saw a friend who couldn't get a copy ordered, so I helped him out and preordered a copy for him, too. Which he will get, at RRP, because I'm no scalper.

Same goes for Dark Souls III Prestige Edition. I had a spare copy of that preordered (that I actually thought I'd cancelled), which I've now given to another collector, again at cost price.

And they were super grateful, that even at this late in the game, I chose to pass on the order to someone in need, instead of turning to scalping (considering that this is fetching up to £800 consistently on eBay, due to it's super low production numbers). But at the end of the day, I don't agree with scalping. And even though, yes, I could use the money, I wouldn't do that to another collector. I don't like when I miss out on editions due to scalpers, so I refuse to be one of them.

As cheesy as it sounds, the feeling you get when you do something nice for someone, even if it doesn't feel like it's anything special to you, but to them, the immense gratitude you can just feel from them. If I'd sold on my Dark Souls III Prestige for profit, that would be one less deserving collector that would get it, that otherwise maybe wouldn't have been able to afford, or willing to pay those scalpers prices.

If I had to choose between helping out, or being the cause of the issue in the first place (because we all know that these super-quick-sell-out releases go much faster due to the people that preorder 5-10 copies to sell on), I know who I'd much rather be.

What is your opinion on scalping?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

Entries to the Asylum; Thursday 7th April 2016.

Couple of entries to the Asylum today:

- Quantum Break Steelbook Edition [Xbox One].
- Arcade Block.

Quantum Break should have come on Tuesday, however I accidentally had it sent to my parents' address instead of mine, so had to wait on my mum bringing it through today. Really nice steelbook, however it has suffered the same fate as many steelbooks: the horizontal spine slash.

I will post pics and get my Quantum Break review up ASAP :)

And the Arcade Block this month is great. It contains a plushie Mega Man from The Monster Factory, who we here in the Asylum love! We have a previous plushie of theirs, Colin, and he's like part of the family, haha. Also includes some other great bits, such as a Deadpool t-shirt, a Just Cause 3 Grappling Hook Memo Holder, Pokémon Nesting Dolls and a little statue/figure of Nemesis, from Resident Evil!

I also have some very exciting news!

We're getting our very first Press Kit! Now I know you're probably thinking, "but V, you've got tonnes of PKs now?!" and yes, that's correct, but this is the first we've ever been supplied straight from a game company!

We're getting a Press Kit for Dark Souls III, courtesy of Bandai Namco, so I'd like to say a huge thanks to them. It hasn't yet arrived, but they have supplied me with a review code of the game and I have to say, it looks fantastic. Still mighty hard, mind you, but it is beautiful.

A review will follow on Dark Souls III once I've finished it, along with an unboxing of the Press Kit once it arrives :)

Anyway, anything new arrived at any of your houses today?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

Monday, 4 April 2016

Asylum Reviews: Oxenfree [Xbox One].

Okay, so I've just completed my third playthrough of Oxenfree and I still love it. It tells the story of Alex, a young blue-haired girl who goes to a fairly local island with her best friend, Ren and her new step-brother Jonas. Also there are Nona, a girl that Ren has a crush on and Clarissa, Nona's friend.

There are numerous dialogue options in the game, starting from when you first start out on the ferry heading to Edwards Island, and going right throughout the game. What you say can, and will, affect your relationships with other characters, and can change the outcome of the game (and naturally, what achievements you get upon completion).

Points of interest will be marked on screen when you get close to them with a small white circle. Often times, these points of interest will just give some more dialogue from the characters, as they discuss something else about the island, but it is quite interesting to listen to, despite the fact that sometimes dialogue can sound a little forced.

The game really sets the tone with its unsettling vibe right from when you first enter the cave down at the beach. You, Alex, have brought a little portable radio with you from the ferry. It acts as a tour guide when on a certain frequency, talking about the island's history, but when you come into contact with little piles of stones and tune it, it will tap into some supernatural, otherworldly stuff.

As the night progresses, things get stranger and stranger. You have to find and save your friends, as well as work out how to save yourself from the paranormal happenings on the island.

I mostly liked the interactions between the characters, and while Ren's voice sometimes irritated me (moreso than any of the others) - he sounded almost as if he was doing a for-radio production, or a commercial at times, he did have some fairly humorous moments, including having a little too much "magic".

The art style is beautiful, and it's rare to find a game so pretty, yet creepy at the same time. Enhancing the creep-factor were some time-loop situations, where you'd simply be plodding along only for it to snap you back to an earlier part of that trail. With the old VCR rewind-type lines at the top and bottom of the screen, Alex would suddenly be very confused by this bout of déjà vu, especially as the first few times it happens, Jonas (who you spend the majority of your time with) doesn't even fully realise.

Sometimes suffering due to a lack of a run button, especially on repeat playthroughs, I do wish there was a faster way to move. I understand that it's so the game isn't over super fast by people just running straight through without listening to dialogue at all (being that the game is only about 4 hours or so, as it is), but I'd have at least liked there to be a run function of some sort, even if it only worked in non-dialogue scenarios such as when I was going round the island again to get all of the anomalies and letters for various achievements.

Overall, I really enjoyed Oxenfree and would recommend that everyone pick it up. It's beautiful, it's fun, it's interesting, and even if you end up not liking it, it's a short game so you can get through it in no time - which also severely helps for repeat playthroughs for achievements. My third, final playthrough was to get an achievement for not speaking throughout the entire game, so any time a dialogue option comes up, you'd just have to let it time out. Had I realised that was an achievement beforehand, I could have planned out my playthroughs and did it all in two runs, but after my first playthrough, I needed to speak in order to make another couple of achievements happen, which then meant I had to play a third time silently.

Oxenfree is available digitally on PC. Mac OSX and Xbox One, with a PS4 version coming at some point in the future. A physical copy (well, in terms of an Edition, the game still comes via a downloadable code) is available here from iam8bit. It's highly limited and stocks are running low, so be sure to grab one soon. We got it recently and it's fantastic, so expect to see an unboxing/review of that shortly, too!

Have you picked up Oxenfree? What did you think of it?
Let me know in the comments below!

- V x

Friday, 1 April 2016

Thoughts on Thursday: Final Fantasy XV!

It's now 1am, on Friday as I write this [EDIT: Now almost 1pm as I post it, as I managed to fall asleep, well done me!]. Purely as it took so long to get the kids to sleep and then get on here to write this... But as I haven't been to sleep yet, in my mind it is still Thursday. And it's still Thursday in the US, so all is well.

Anyway, yesterday we finally had the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event, and boy, were we treated to a lot of stuff! Such as this amazing new trailer below:

Showing off the brilliant new combat, and the fantastic cover of "Stand By Me", done by Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine, just really blew me away.

We were also shown a new 5-episode Anime series, following Noctis and his friends, which will be available free on Youtube in the run up to release; the first episode of which is available now. A sixth episode will also be available exclusively for fans who purchase the Ultimate Collector's Edition of the game (more details down below!)

And of course, also revealed was the feature-length CG movie that will tie in with Final Fantasy XV, but showing things from the perspective of King Regis, Noctis' father. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will be included (in bluray format) within both the Deluxe and Ultimate Collector's Editions of the game.

Three versions of the game will be able on launch (and preorder, now). The base game available on launch, the Day One Edition, as shown below will include a piece of bonus Day One content: the legendary Masamune sword:

The next tier is the Deluxe Edition, which in addition to the game itself, and the Masamune DLC, includes:

- Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition Steelbook.
- Kingslglaive: Final Fantasy XV Movie Bluray.
- Royal Raiment Bonus Outfit DLC.
- Platinum Leviathan Vehicle Recolor DLC.

Steelbook in this edition is exclusive to this edition, which is a little disappointing if you're going for the Ultimate Edition, as then you'll need to buy both in order to get all of the steels.

RRP is £69.99 for this edition, and £49.99 for the standard "Day One Edition", and both are currently up for preorder from GAME.

And last, but sure as hell not least, we have this beauty.

The Ultimate Collector's Edition is just amazing. Expensive at the price of £189.99, but it is packed with stuff. Included, alongside the game (and all of the previously mentioned bonus DLC) are:

- 192-page Hardback Artbook.
- 2x Steelbooks.
- Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Anime Series Bluray.
- Special Soundtrack Disc.
- Kingsglaive Bluray.
- Noctis Play Arts Kai Variant Figure.
- 4x In-Game Items Packs.

And here it is, shown below:

Exclusive to the Square Enix Store, priced at £189.99, this one has already unfortunately sold out pretty much everywhere. Luckily I managed to nab one when it was available, otherwise I could imagine this being one that will go for ridiculous amounts later on (especially since it is limited to only 30,000 units worldwide). It's definitely an expensive edition, but it certainly is jam-packed with stuff. And considering the price that some PAK figures retail for alone, really makes the pricing make sense here.

The PAK figure of Noctis is beautiful. It is exclusive to this edition, and we're really looking forward to getting our hands on it.

You can also play the demo for Final Fantasy XV now! It's available for free on the Xbox Live and Playstation Network stores. Called Platinum Demo, it's not a demo in the traditional sense, where you get an excerpt of the game to play, but it's a seperate little min-story, in Noctis' mind, where you play him as a young boy. Designed more as a feeler for the controls of the game, as well as the combat, it's a nice little introduction to the new fighting, as opposed to the older turn-based combat from the previous games.

Go get that Demo played now! Releasing on September 30th this year, Final Fantasy XV sure does look like it's gonna be amazing, and definitely one you don't want to miss.

Did you manage to get a preorder in for the Ultimate Collector's Edition?
What are your thoughts about it?

Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

Asylum Reviews: Paradise Killer [Switch].

  UK-based indie games developer Kaizen Game Works launched Paradise Killer, an open-world crime investigation game just over a week ago...