Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Entries to the Asylum - Thursday 23rd/Friday 24th May 2016.

One entry to the Asylum from yesterday and one the day before, and both are from a game that we've been excited for for a very long time: Overwatch.

Thursday 23rd May

- Overwatch Promo Tracer Cup.

Friday 24th May

- Overwatch Collector's Edition [Xbox One].

On Thursday, Allan took one of his younger brothers to the Vue Cinema over at the Edinburgh Omni Centre to see the Overwatch Launch Celebration, which actually turned out to be severely disappointing.

Tickets cost £21 odds for the both of them, and then train fare for the return journey to Edinburgh and back for them was almost £40! And then the showing, which was advertised as 2hr 20mins ended after just over an hour, and then was handled fairly badly by staff (who, to be fair, were pretty confused about the situation, themselves). 

They had expected to see lots of new stuff, considering that all of the Animated Shorts combined would equate to much shorter than the advertised running time, but other than a short behind the scenes segment, everything was stuff they'd already seen. Granted, they did enjoy seeing everything on the big screen (and getting to see them made them - and me - want an Overwatch movie even more!) but the fact that it cost so much, and that their travel time was longer than the full showing, they were still pretty disappointed, especially as the screen just stopped after around 1hr 10 mins, and then after around half an hour of waiting around, unsure what was happening, they were told by staff that there was no further footage to be shown, they weren't sure entirely why it was so much shorter than advertised, but if anyone wanted to leave a contact email address, they could, although "there's no guarantee anyone will get an explanation, and nobody will be refunded". So, yeah. Handled pretty badly, to be honest.

They did however, each get a promo cup with Tracer on it (they later noticed some people had Widowmaker cups, so they were a little gutted that they didn't get to see all of the ones available), which advertised #CokeESports too, so those were a nice surprise, but still not really worth the almost £60 that they spent on the trip.

Anyway, have you got Overwatch? And did you attend any of the Launch Celebration showings?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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