Saturday, 28 May 2016

Killzone Visual Design Art Book!

I recently received this stunning book from the team over at Cook and Becker. It is the Killzone Visual Design book, and my oh my is it beautiful.

The front has this beautiful spot gloss/embossed Helghan writing, and of course the Guerrilla Games logo (whom we previously sent some artwork to, and received a nice letter back from!)

The back, fairly simple with the Playstation logo. The cover itself is nice and sturdy, and I really like the comparison between the matte and shiny on the cover, definitely makes it stand out (as well as the white on black).

As it says on the front, it is to celebrate 15 years of Killzone, so if you're a big fan of the Killzone series, then this book is definitely for you.

Inside is an opening statement from the Studio Director of Guerrilla, Hermen Hulst, as well as Sony Worldwide Studios President, Shuhei Yoshida. Spanning 208 stunning glossy pages, the book is full of some of the most beautiful, intricate and downright stunning artwork I've ever seen for the Killzone series. You think the games look good? Wait till you see the artwork!

Below is just a small sampling of some of the artwork shown in the book, but if you want to see more, you'll need to buy it! Available here from Cook and Becker, the standard artbook is £32, and £85 if you want the Collector's Edition version (which I hope to get at some point in the future).

As I said, the artwork is just beautiful. I'm very happy to have received this phenomenal book from the team over at Cook and Becker, and am really excited to see what they have in store for the future. If you don't already know, they do amazingly gorgeous artwork for a variety of games. Very high quality and completely jaw-dropping to look at. I own one piece of their artwork so far (Above it All - Mirror's Edge) and I really hope to buy more in the future, however for gamers on a tighter budget, the pricing of the standard Killzone Visual Design book is perfect, so I really hope they bring out more in future.

From us here in the Asylum, just like the book says, Thank you!

Have you ordered the Killzone Visual Design book? What other books would you like to see them do?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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