Friday, 27 May 2016

Asylum Reviews: Overwatch [Xbox One].

Overwatch is finally out and we love it.

We'd already played a good bit of it throughout the Closed and Open Betas, and now that it's finally out we are addicted (sorry Uncharted 4 and Doom, I'll come back to you soon!)

It's an amazing game and it's safe to say it was to be expected coming from Blizzard, whose previous titles include the likes of World of Warcraft and Diablo. And with the previous games they've released being primarily PC games, when this was first announced we assumed it would also be a PC only game, and we were super stoked to find out it wasn't.

From the animated shorts giving us the story that an otherwise online-only game would normally be lacking in (and leaving us desperate for more), to the various events staged around the world, such as the gigantic "action figures" and the Launch Celebrations at various cinemas, Blizzard has not only done the game well, but the promotion has been executed fantastically, too.

Overwatch is an easy game to fall in love with. There's lots of variety to the characters, with four different sub-classes of player: Offense , Defense, Tank and Support. And with 21 characters to choose from between those classes, you're sure to find a character that fits your playstyle well. The game is also highly accessible to a large number of players that wouldn't otherwise fall into the FPS-playing category. If you're not so great at attacking, and being out there in a firefight with the other team, you can play as someone like Mercy, healing your teammates from the sidelines. And don't worry, playing as non-offense characters isn't detrimental to your progress, as all teammates/characters are just as important as each other. For example, a team playing with everyone as the same character, or the same class even, usually won't fare well against a team that is balanced and working well together (well... maybe with the exception of a Bastion-centric team, haha).

It's bright, it's colourful, and most importantly - it's fun.

It's not one of those games where you always feel like you're at a disadvantage to other players if you're at a lower skill level. Not doing so well as Zenyatta? Then switch to Winston. Don't like how Tracer plays? Try out Hanzo. It's all about switching around and seeing what characters you like, and especially learning the ins and outs of the characters: who they play well against, what characters are best suited to you for what maps, and how to take advantage of the different Ultimates of the characters, etc.

I can certainly see Overwatch being popular for a long time, and with it already building momentum for the eSports scene, it won't be long before we see big teams headlining events for it on a regular basis. #CokeESports are already doing a lot to promote Overwatch, including sending out amazing Loot Boxes to various YouTubers - which I won't lie, I'm totally jealous of, so Coke, hook a girl up, eh?

There's also loads of tips out there that are great for helping you learn the ways of Overwatch, and perfecting your matches. And with any and all future DLC being given to us for free, rather than people having to pay for extra characters, just further gives more reason as to why I think this game will stand the test of time, and I can certainly understand the high praise it has received elsewhere so far, so we'd definitely have to recommend it to everyone, and their sister's dog's best friend's cousin. 

What are your thoughts on Overwatch? Have you settled on a favourite character?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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