Saturday, 7 May 2016

Asylum Reviews: Pewdiepie: Legends of the Brofist [Android] [Steam].

So here it is, finally: my Pewdiepie: Legends of the Brofist Review! This review covers both Steam and Android :)

So, who is Pewdiepie, I hear you ask? Wait, shut up. No, I don't. You know who Pewdiepie is, don't you? Who doesn't know who Pewdiepie is, at least in some sense, nowadays?

Anyway, Pewdiepie: Legend of the Brofist is Pewds' first game, developed by indie studio Outerminds, It's actually a great little game, especially for those who are a fan of the mega-star YouTuber and his friends.

The game follows Pewds as he travels through the world defeating the Barrel Army that have taken over, to save his fans. As the game progresses, you find and unlock other playable characters, including Cutiepie Marzia, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, CinnamonToastKen and Cryaotic. The YouTubers all provide their own voice-work to the game, instead of it being a dialogue-free game, which is a nice touch.

It's a really fun platformer, with various collectible items to be found throughout the game, such as hidden in piles of clothing, snow, etc. And after the purchase cost of the game, that's it. There's nothing to buy in order to progress through the game or add new characters, which makes a welcome change to the typical Android/iOS formula (which is pretty much always "freemium games").

From the developers whose last game was the hugely addictive Tadpole Tap, this is another game hugely enjoyable and a fun way to pass the time.

And for just £3.99 on mobile devices, and £5.59 on Steam, it's a nice, cheap option if you're looking for a new game to try out :)

What did you think about it?
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- V x

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