Saturday, 10 September 2016

Entries to the Asylum: Tuesday 6th September - Saturday 10th September 2016.

Just a couple of things from this week, very excited to have both variants of Song of the Deep CE now, and also another Limited Run Games physical copy added to the collection!

Thursday 8th September 2016

- Captain America: Civil War Steelbook [Bluray].
- Shadow Complex Remastered LRG Physical Copy [PS4].
- Shadow Warrior [Xbox One].

Friday 9th September 2016

- Song of the Deep Collector's Edition [Xbox One] [AUS].
- Kick Ass Limited Edition [Bluray] [AUS].
- Doom Reversible Poster.
- Fallout 4 Reversible Poster.
- Doom Postcards x3.

Saturday 10th September 2016

- Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Steelbook.

So many things I've been desperate to buy this week but sadly I need to stop looking, haha. Desperately need to save as have to buy a new Xbox next month (Gears of War 4 LE one!) as our current one is on its last legs... boo.

What have you picked up this week?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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