Thursday, 1 September 2016

Asylum Reviews: Dangerous Golf [Xbox One].

Three Fields Entertainment's Dangerous Golf is a really fun, different take on the typical mini-golf style game. Fun is easily what we were expecting from the creators of the Burnout series, but this is in a completely different, but still fantastic way.

With the objective of each round to do as much damage, and cause as much catastrophe as you possibly can, it's certainly a great game to unload after a day hard at work. The settings of each round vary, from being in a kitchen destroying bottles of champagne, fruit and more, to being at a garage and causing widespread destruction with exploding petrol pumps, it's definitely a hilarious game to play, just to see what the outcome is going to be.

My favourite part of the levels (other than the highly destructive nature, of course) was anytime there were unlockable bonus flags, as these added in another little incentive to boost your score, and then a challenge of trying to putt the ball into them all, whilst still allowing yourself the angle to get the final hole, otherwise say goodbye to your high score - it gets halved if you don't manage it.

Dotted throughout the game, at the end of each area is a challenge where you have to putt as many balls into the holes as you possibly can. You get a limit of three balls (and each time you miss, you lose one), and a timer counts down. These can be some of the most fun levels, and really make you push yourself to try and get as many as you can (and of the best tiers of flag as you can!) before the timer (or the number of balls) runs out.

The game can be a little frustrating at times as at the end of each round, once your Smashbreaker (which is a power-up that you gain from destroying enough items when you tee off) runs out, you get one shot to hit the ball into the hole. If you line it up, even with plenty of (destructible) things in the way, or even if you aim kinda off in all honesty, the ball pretty much always goes into the hole. The only times I really missed at this part was if there was a big wall or pillar in the way, or if I tried to bounce the ball from an opposing wall (in an attempt to get more points), then it would miss. This kinda took away a bit of the challenge to the game, and whilst it didn't bother me too much, it did annoy Allan a little as he'd hoped it would be a more challenging game.

But when it's a mindless destruct-a-thon like Dangerous Golf, then fun is the name of the game! And as Three Fields describes it, "the bigger the mess, the bigger the score!" and this definitely is the aim.

The game is also very beautiful. Like, way higher quality graphics than I'd expected, especially for a game with such a simple premise, but I suppose, if you're gonna have explosions, you're gonna want to see them done right. And with the creators of Burnout doing this, they definitely have the experience and expertise for doing this greatly.

All in all, I'd have to rate Dangerous Golf a 7/10, as it is a fantastically fun game to pass the time, and does what it sets out to do, and any issues that me (or Allan) have with it don't really affect it all that much.

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