Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Tour is coming to GLASGOW!

As some of you may already know, the Zelda Symphony is coming to Scotland for the first time, and it's coming to my hometown of Glasgow! I am super excited for this, and really cannot wait to experience it. It is taking place, for one night only, in the Clyde Auditorium on Thursday 20th October - that's LESS THAN ONE WEEK AWAY!

Tickets are still available here, so make sure to get them soon!

I also had the opportunity to do a quick interview with Jason Michael Paul, the mastermind behind the event:

Vanessa: So how does it feel to be bringing the Zelda Symphony to Scotland for the first time?
Jason: It is super exciting! The idea of bringing this show to fans all over the world is what keeps me motivated.

V: What is your favourite Zelda game, and why?
J: I like all of the games! Skyward Sword is probably my favourite because I produced the Orchestral CD that was included as part of the bundle. I'm most affectionate about that game because I feel as if I contributed to the Zelda franchise.

V: Which Zelda game inspires you the most, musically?
J: Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time.

V: Do you have a favourite part of the Symphony, for personal reasons or audience reaction?
J: The finales always generate a positive reaction. It is overwhelming at times.

V: Have any of the locations been particularly responsive (to a surprising amount), or has anything unexpected happened at any of the locations?
J: Paris recently was amazing! The fans were very appreciative and yearning for more. They wouldn't let us leave!

V: Is there a location not currently listed on the tour that you'd love to take the Zelda Symphony to if the opportunity arose?
J: I am always looking at new destinations to take the show to. My goal is to bring the show to mass audiences all over the world.

V: And finally, the "Master Quest" season will have been running for just over two years when it's done. Was this better than the shorter runs of previous seasons, or would you prefer to go back to a shorter season if the Zelda Symphony was to happen again?
J: I am happy with exactly what we are doing. It's exactly what I set out to do when I started this project.

 Many thanks to Jason for taking the time to answer these questions for me, and I really can't wait for the event on Thursday.

Have you been to the Zelda Symphony this season?
What did you think of it?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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