Tuesday, 31 January 2017


There's a lot going on here lately. I'm working away on a few things in the background (some reviews, some games for review and some new ideas for the site) as well as currently doing more at work (ha!) as I am training up some of the younger lot (oh how that makes me feel old at 24) on stuff. So time is currently in short supply. I am also starting a new job on the 6th March (yay me!) so lots of things are going on right now.

But alas, I have not forgotten about you. A couple of new posts are going to be put up tomorrow, including my well overdue review for Rise & Shine.

And just so you can see that I've 1. Not sold all of my stuff and ran away to join a convent, and 2. So you can see the reality of how much work I'm gonna need to do to get the Asylum in order, here is a little clip: 

A video posted by Vanessa Henderson (@vhal_x) on

 So anyway, I better get to finishing up my other posts! Check back tomorrow for more new stuff :)

- V x

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