Sunday, 5 March 2017

So Little Time.

I've done quick posts like this before, and I'm sure I'll no doubt do them again in the future. But holy crap, it is so frustrating to realise how little time I have to do things these days.

Between finishing up my last job as Deputy Team Leader, and starting my new job (which is gonna be a whole lot more work!), and the kids, I barely get any time to play any games or watch any movies, etc., let alone find the time to review them. I'm working on sorting out some form of "schedule" to fit it all in, because it's really annoying me right now that I can't find the time to do the things I enjoy. Especially as I struggle to stay up late at night as well, since I'm up early for work, so I'm pretty much a perpetual zombie, too.

I also took on commitments of doing a lot of forwarding packages for friends, which is something that I'll sadly have to give up now, too (except for maybe once in a blue moon), as I really struggle to find the time to get to the Post Office to get stuff shipped out between my working hours. Don't worry guys, those of you I still have packages for, those will still go out if they haven't already

Currently having a bit of a time-management crisis, as I'm starting a new full time job, which will be more intense and busy than my current one, as well as doing a degree over a period of 18 months (for which normally takes 39 months, apparently). All that, with bringing up two kids, and trying to keep this place up to date, too.

There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, but somehow I will manage, and I will keep the Asylum running as best as I can. Currently playing through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Allan is too, so you can expect a review of that at some point in the future. There's also a couple of posts I'm in the middle of writing currently, such as a couple of other reviews (which just need a bit of touching up) and a new Entries to the Asylum post.

So just make sure to check back soon!

- V x

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