Sunday, 28 May 2017

Asylum Reviews: Injustice 2 [Xbox One].

So we recently got Injustice 2 for Xbox One to review, and it has been every bit as fantastic as we'd hoped. After Injustice: Gods Among Us being a success, we were really looking forward to the second installment, and boy, did it deliver!

Utilizing everything that made the first game great, and adding to it with new mechanics - such as the loot drops which unlock new Gear for you to equip on the wide selection of characters on the roster - 29 in total as of launch - just makes this game so much more awesome. The characters are diverse and very well animated for the most part, and the Gear just adds to the enjoyment as you can customise your fighters how you please. Sadly, The Joker is a little too Leto-esque for my tastes (Ledger ftw). For every battle you play, regardless of if you get annihilated, or completely dominate the opponent, you'll unlock some more Gear, which is broken into five sections: head/cape, torso, gauntlets, greaves and accessories. There are tonnes of things to unlock, so you might not always get the things you want very easily, but it sure is fun to try and certainly adds a whole lot of content into the game in terms of replayability, as you'll be grinding away to get some of the items that you want but just won't drop.

The main Single Player story mode is waaay darker than any other DC game we've seen of late. It follows up from Gods Among Us, where pretty much everyone is an arsehole - so it ends up being quite hard to actually find a character you like (in the "this is a likeable superhero/villian" aspect, not "oh that's my favourite DC character" kinda way). Superman is the main villain of the game, and the traditional good/evil allegiances have been warped, with some of the good guys gone bad and vice versa. The story really has a lot of depth to it, which makes the game really interesting and enjoyable to play, throughout the approximately 5 hours of gameplay (more of course, if you're trying to unlock absolutely everything). And be sure to play around with all the different characters, as they all have something to offer. Not being the greatest at pulling off the harder moves on a particular character's skillset just means you find a new way to play with that character, and sometimes you'll surprise yourself with just how well you can play as someone you maybe wouldn't have expected :)

The online multiplayer is great too, and the Gear unlocks don't throw the game the way that some other game's loot does. And if you prefer, you can disable custom equipped gear so that neither player has gear on show. The environments are gorgeous too, using the same multi-level style as the first game, where you can be bashed through a wall/floor/etc into another area; something which is still as enjoyable as before. It's a great fighting game, and feels truly fluid and entertaining right the way through.

Overall, we'd have to rate Injustice 2 a solid 9/10.

Have you played Injustice 2? What did you think of it?
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