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Asylum Compares; One Punch Man: UK vs US Collector's Editions.

So here it is, our One Punch Man UK vs US Season 1 Collector's Edition comparison!

Just to confuse you, I ended up taking the photo below with the US copy on the left, and the UK copy on the right! But for the rest of this comparison review, I am doing the UK version first, followed by the US one.

The US version on the left (which is technically called the Limited Edition as opposed to CE), I purchased from RightStuf due to it coming with a bonus lapel pin (which is currently still available at the time of this post) - total cost, shipped to UK was $66.96/£53.49 - and luckily I didn't get any customs fees on my package (although this is something you may want to prepare for if ordering from RightStuf, as my previous order - My Hero Academia, was hit with £21~ customs!).

The copy on the right can be purchased at Amazon or Zavvi for £34.99 (or £24.99 for the DVD version). It just released on the 17th July, almost a full three months after the US had theirs released on the 25th April.

The US version is Region A locked, so if you're in the UK and looking for One Punch Man, unless you have a region free Bluray player, (or if you just want the US Edition), then the UK version is your best bet. Unfortunately I can't tell if the UK one is locked to Region B - sorry!


So here's the front and back covers of the UK version. Typical BBFC logo in the bottom right, and the box itself is made from nice shiny chipboard. I really like the UK Anime CE/LE releases, as they all tend to be in similar style packaging so all go together nicely on the shelves :)

The contents of the UK Collector's Edition: an artbook and a digipak :)

Design on the back and front of the digipak shows both cyborg Genos on the reverse, and Saitama on the front.

Two Bluray discs inside.

Art book, with a "Secret" jotter-style design.

And now on to the US Limited Edition. Similar style design on the cover, with Saitama punching, this time with a cutout slipbox, giving the illusion of him punching straight through the box..

Aaand the reverse...

And the bonus lapel pin (only with orders from RightStuf while supplies last!)

With the slipcover off - title on front and information/stills on reverse is printed directly onto the transparent slipcover.

Cut out on front of the slipbox allows Saitama to show through from the cover of the bluray, not actually printed underneath.

The US version also includes an art book, but with a different jotter-style design.

Pack of artcards (more photos further down).

Artwork on the Bluray case.

Four discs in this release. Two bluray, and two DVD. In the UK, DVD version has to be purchased separately.

Next we have the character art cards. Six in total, and the reverse is the same on all).

Reverse of all of the art cards :)

And finally, the art cards can be put in front of the bluray keepcase to enable you to choose which character you want on display!

We really like both Editions however the US one does come out on top. If you're in the US, or have a region-free Bluray player then you've definitely gotten lucky with this release. If you're in the UK, then if you're looking to watch One Punch Man, you may be better off sticking with the UK version - or do what we did and buy both!

We declare the US Limited Edition the winner!

Overall, there is just far more going on with the US Edition, from the slipcover and the ability to change out which character you want on display, to the bonus pin (although this won't be available forever) and the fact it includes both the Bluray and DVD copies. It was a tough decision, as we do prefer a digipak to a standard amaray, but everything else included boosts the US one to the point of us not even minding that!

Have you got either of these Editions? Have you watched One Punch Man? What do you think about it?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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