Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Asylum Unboxing: J.T studio Yox [Yellow].

Here in the Asylum, we're huge fans of J.T studios work. J.T studio is a Taiwanese designer toy studio, founded by Jei Tseng. His work is often inspired by Journey to the West - which is something Allan loves, and was how we initially discovered him after falling in love with his Monkey King W figure (which makes a little sneak appearance in the photo at the bottom of this page).

We received Yox very recently and are glad to have him within our collection. And limited to only 250pcs, there's certainly not many of him within the world!

The packaging itself is beautiful, with the top folding up to resemble ears.

The reverse showing that Yox falls under the "Street Mask" range, as well as a little bit of info about him.

Further adding to the luxe packaging, inside the box we have a velvet pouch, with metallic Yox branding.

(Took this photo elsewhere, clearly!) - inside the pouch is Yox in a branded poly-bag.

And there's Yox! Such a stunning piece. I definitely want to own them all, as little Yox here comes in a variety of colours :) (oh how I would kill for a Glow in the Dark one!)

Detail is sharp, bright and looks fantastic.

J.T studio branding underneath, along with a Jei Tseng signature motif. 

Here's Yox at home with all his figure buddies :) J.T studio's Monkey King W shown also (in the yellow jacket with red scarf), holding his staff. There are so many other amazing products for J.T studio, so I highly recommend that you all check them out here.

Yox (Yellow) is still available for the great price of $65 here.

Have you got any J.T studio pieces? What do you think of them?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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