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Asylum Unboxing: Shadow Warrior 2 Special Reserve Bundle [PS4/PC].

Recently we received this amazing package from Special Reserve Games. I was going to wait until I'd completed the game to unbox and review at the same time, but I figured I'd just show off the goodies and add the review once finished!

SRG are a newish company to the market and one that I'd definitely recommend that you check out. Below are photos of my Shadow Warrior 2 Special Reserve Bundle, which is a beautiful set. Sadly it has already sold out, as each Reserve is strictly limited in number, but that's just all the more reason to check them out ASAP, as their next Reserve, Absolver is running low on stock too!

Run by Andie Grace and Jeff Smith, and company mascot Sergeant Ruff, SRG are a small company dedicated to providing fantastic, interesting editions for fans.

Everything came inside this burlap sack. I really love all of the branding, with the SW2 design on the front, and the Devolver, Special Reserve Games and Flying Wild Hog logos on the reverse, along with a portrait of Sarge of course!

The PS4 copy of Shadow Warrior 2, numbered 2169/2500.

Artwork on the reverse of the sleeve.

This Reserve not only includes the PS4 copy of SW2, but the original as well!

Safety warning sheet, with character art on it.

The stunning PC Collector's Edition box. Limited and numbered out of 1000, ours is number 665/1000. Each copy also has an individual, unique blood splatter effect on the box which is just an amazing extra detail.

Contents of the PC CE box: the game itself, an art book and 3 die-cut vinyl stickers.

The art on the front and reverse of the PC box, digipak style design.

It contains both the first and second games, all soundtracks, as well as some extra DLC. The inside cover reads:

"This copy is from a small batch of Collector's Edition Boxed sets of Shadow Warrior 2. The celebration of independent development is the reason Devolver is in business. Our team is proud to present this outstanding sequel bundle the artistic elements highlighting that went into creating it. - Devolver Digital"

"We always put everything we can into the making of our games. Thank you for the love and support. May the WANG be with you! - The Hogs"

The art book, with a couple of sneak peeks into the art inside.

And finally, the stunning Kanji Scroll of Empowerment, included with PS4 orders. With four designs available (and randomly inserted into orders): Yellow meaning Sword; Blue meaning Treasure; Red meaning Demon/Oni (which is what we got!) and Black meaning Butt. A fifth, secret purple scroll was just revealed, which was peppered in with orders. The four main ones being limited to 625 each (totalling 2500, the number of PS4 copies available), but no word as to how many purple are out there, or what happened to the spares of the four main ones, since they wouldn't have all been required if a few purple ones took up space from the total 2500. Congratulations though to everyone who got a secret scroll!

Anyway, thank you so much to Special Reserve Games for creating such a wonderful bundle, one which I am so, so very happy to own. I genuinely cannot wait for the Absolver Reserve, as that one just looks unbelievable!

Go check out SRG on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with their releases <3 I will add a link here shortly to my reviews of both games, too - so make sure to check back for that!

Do you have any of Special Reserves' Editions? What do you think of them?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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