Sunday, 7 January 2018

Asylum Unboxing: Absolver Special Reserve Limited Edition [PS4].

- This is a very long overdue unboxing, due to the fact that I have been ill a lot recently, busy with work and then we had no internet for a week (which was unbelievably frustrating). So, my apologies guys! -

So a while ago I received this stunning Limited Edition from the team over a Special Reserve Games - you may remember me posting about their previous amazing release, Shadow Warrior 2, and they've done it again - knocked the ball out of the park with this one!

The outer box is stunning, the artwork is very well done and it's interesting to see how their editions differ with each new game.

The Prospect Mask, which is a fully wearable replica is gorgeous. A little heavy when on (but that's probably down to the fact that I'm short and not strong at all, lol), but manageable. 

The detailing on the mask is fantastic, and really adds a lot of quality to the finish.

The base has a plinth that the mask rests upon, whilst there's a small gap in the base for the bottom of the mask to slot into.

Underneath the base, with all of the details of who was involved in the creation of this release.


PS4 physical copy - numbered and limited to 3250 (for the Prospect Mask Edition, there are additional copies of the standalone game available also).

A small artbook containing artwork from the game.

And finally, some stickers. I love stickers, but I have one issue with them in editions - I never want to use them on anything, as I'd then be leaving my edition incomplete, so part of me thinks there's not much point including them in editions (unless it's just a random throw in, like what Edmund McMillen used to do for his store), but I'm happy to have them anyway :)

The game itself is fantastic also, so a full review of that will come once it's ready too!

If you're interested in this edition, then you better move quickly to SRG's website, as it won't be around forever - this link will take you to all of the variations (as it is available for PC, PS4, as a standalone PS4 copy or as a standalone mask)!

Definitely can't recommend Special Reserve Games and their stunning editions enough.

Do you have any SRG editions? What do you think about them?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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