Friday, 12 January 2018

Collecting Asylum Remastered.

I f**ked up a lot last year. Not intentionally, but I've neglected the site quite a bit throughout 2017 (and in all honesty, pretty much every year since it's inception). I've almost disappeared from the forums that made my collection what it is today, and aside from Instagram - my posts have severely depleted.

Over the past few years, my collection - and collecting habits - have evolved. I've grown smarter in that I can control my I must have every variation of every edition in existence type addiction. Sure, I still slip up at times, and yes we do still own multiple variations of some things - and naturally will not get rid of anything already within the collection - but I've massively improved my ability to reign myself in when required. This, as well as my lack of time lately has been a big part of me falling away from the forums and friends I've made there, which is definitely something I want to fix, as well as getting this place to be somewhat respectable again.

I take a greater sense of pride in my collection now, and want to show it off more, and get the website into full swing. Aim for the true potential of Collecting Asylum. Succeed, even if just a tiny bit.

I'm a lot busier these days than when I first set this place up (which makes me angry at the old me for not doing more with all the time I had!). When I started, I was unemployed, and had one small child. Now, I work full time whilst simultaneously doing two qualifications (one being a degree), and having two kids (aged 7 and 2) in the house. Of course Allan is here too, but the website mostly comes down to me, so trying to squash in time to do it alongside everything else can be a bit of a struggle.

I'm on a computer all day in work too so sometimes when I get home, the laptop is the last thing I want to see. But I'm going to have to power through that if I want to see Collecting Asylum improve.

I have been planning a schedule for this place over the past couple of weeks. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I'm gonna have a little play around to see what works and then get things going.

This isn't the first time I've written a post like this, I know. I do fully intend on it being the last of its kind however. I am taking a back seat from some of the organising duties on forums (just to reduce stress a little) but am aiming to be more active again within them, to reconnect with the people that have been there since the beginning.

So I promise you, you will soon see a new lease of life within Collecting Asylum - and I hope you all keep coming back for more.

- V x

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