Sunday, 28 January 2018

Entries to the Asylum ; Monday 22nd January 2018 - Sunday 28th January 2018 [Week 4].

This week has been the busiest game-related week in a little while. Blurays are still dominating but first week in a while that we've had two new-release games (with expensive editions, too!).

Wednesday 24th January 2018

- Genital Jousting Plushie w/ Steam Code [Plush].

Thursday 25th January 2018

- Berserk Season 1 Collector's Edition [Bluray].
- Matinee Collector's Edition [Bluray].

- Colossal Maquette Exclusive w/ Signed Bluray [Bluray].
* Still awaiting the signed bluray - it's on its way separately*

Friday 26th January 2018

- Monster Hunter World Collector's Edition [Xbox One].
- Dragon Ball FighterZ Collectorz Edition [Xbox One].

So this week hasn't been as busy as what some weeks are, but it's definitely been an expensive one in terms of how much the things cost, as both game CEs were £134.99 each, the Colossal Maquette was $155 (before shipping) etc.

I remember when game CEs rarely hit the £100 mark, and when they did it was because they were massive and full of content. Yeah, both of those editions are good-sized, well filled CEs, but just a few years ago they'd have probably hit somewhere around the £99.99 mark each. Glad there's not been a whole lot of expensive game CEs I've dropped money on recently, as they're usually either too big and expensive (getting a little bored of the generic huge statue in a video game CE), or they just don't seem worth the money at all. But that's a rant for another day, haha.

What new stuff did you get this week?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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