Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Entries to the Asylum; Monday 12th February 2018 - Sunday 18th February 2018 [Week 7].

Quite a few Vinegar Syndrome pick ups this week - glad that our VS collection is growing!

Monday 12th February 2018

- 5 Films 5 Years Volume 1 Limited Edition [Bluray].
- 5 Films 5 Years Volume 2 Limited Edition [Bluray].
- Fugitive Girls Limited Edition [Bluray].
- Lucifer's Women Limited Edition w/ Slipcover [Bluray].
- Penitentiary Limited Edition w/ Slipcover [Bluray].

Tuesday 13th February 2018

- Shadow of the Colossus Special Edition [PS4].

Wednesday 14th February 2018

- The Evil Within 2 [Xbox One].

Thursday 15th February 2018

- The Jungle Book MondoX Steelbook [Bluray].

Quite a few new things received this week. Glad to have nabbed the Shadow of the Colossus edition. Had been tempted to get the UK one too, but money is tight this month so decided to just go for one - and definitely picked the right one!

What new stuff have you gotten this week?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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