Thursday, 29 March 2018

New Asylum Ratings.

So as you may have noticed from the past couple of reviews, we've been trying to develop a new rating system, instead of using the bog standard number based rating systems.

We've tried to inject a wee bit of Scottish humour/personality into each tier, based on the fact we're Scottish - in case you hadn't already realised, ha.

The new ratings are, as follows:

Absolute Belter
- The best rating we could give.

Get It Bought!
- Still a fantastic rating, just not the very top.

Gie it a Go!
- Either borrow it from a friend, or wait till it drops down in price.

Eh... *shrug*
- We're teetering on the fence between it being good or bad. Not really a great sign. Not really a shite one either.

Boring as Baws.
- Just not good enough to keep us interested. At all.

Bodyslam It.
- So bad we want to bodyslam it into the trash. 'nuff said.

These are subject to change, as we try to perfect the new system. We take great influence from many of our favourite reviewers, including the wonderful JeremyJahns and amazing Caddicarus

If you have any feedback or suggestions on things you'd like to see from us next, then let us know in the comments below.

- V x

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