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Asylum Reviews; A Quiet Place.

We’ve always been big fans of John Krasinski. Loved him in The Office, and were very glad when he started to break out from the comedic roles as we would get to see this whole other side of him. When we saw the first trailer for A Quiet Place, we were really intrigued and excited to see the film as not only is he in it, but he has directed it (and done work on the Screenplay too).

A Quiet Place focuses on a family surviving in the aftermath of strange creatures basically wiping out most of humanity. They have to scour abandoned shops and buildings for supplies, whilst remaining silent, as these creatures hunt based on sound. This can prove to be quite a challenge for them since they have young children – we’ve got kids ourselves and suffice to say we’d be totally fucked in this situation as they have no concept of quiet, at all.

The threat of these creatures is very real, and you honestly are completely on edge throughout the entire movie, waiting for something bad to happen. You see these parents, Lee (John Krasinski) and Evelyn (Emily Blunt) being taken to their absolute limit in trying to protect their children, and how they would do anything in their power to do so.

The raw emotion displayed, as well as the bond between all of the characters as a family feels very true to life, and gives a lot of credibility to everything they do. The tiny little changes they've had to make in their life (alongside the big ones) in order to survive, is very believable - a lot of work definitely went to the planning of every minute detail.

This movie has a lot of quiet moments. Yes, that should be obvious to most that have either seen the trailer, or read anything about the movie at all, but evidently it wasn’t obvious to those in the audience with us. Within minutes of the movie starting, the sound of people ripping open packets of crisps, and rummaging through their popcorn was deafening. It was like they weren’t even trying to be quiet. I think everyone must have glared at the offenders though, as they all quickly stopped and I don’t remember hearing it much afterwards, haha. There are a few fairly loud moments in the movie (such as when they are near running water), so most people took advantage of these parts to quickly open things or cough – both me and Allan were suffering from a pretty bad cough/chest infection when we went to see it and had to desperately hold our coughing till the loud parts – which we somehow managed successfully. Regardless of the slight irritation of these noises going on directly behind us, I would still recommend seeing A Quiet Place in cinema, as we both agreed that the cinematic experience really adds to the movie, as the noises completely envelop you, as does the silence. If you’re reading this by the time it is no longer available in cinemas, then go grab yourself a copy of the movie on Bluray and watch it in a dark room, with the sound up and no distractions.

The movie truly was phenomenal. The cast worked brilliantly together, and were very believable in their respective roles. With Krasinski and Blunt being married in real life, this probably helped contribute to the chemistry of their characters. Their relationships to their kids in the movie was so genuine, you could really feel the maternal/paternal instincts in everything they did. Without going into too much detail, as I really, really don’t want to spoil the movie (and instead highly recommend that you go see it ASAP!), we thoroughly enjoyed it and it hit all the right notes in terms of tense-ness, as well as the emotion. The sound (and lack thereof) was fantastic, and really made you aware of how quiet things have to be to stay hidden from these creepy things hunting you.

In the end, this gets the Collecting Asylum rating of:

It’s a Belter!

Have you seen A Quiet Place? What did you think of it?
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