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Asylum Reviews: My Hero Academia Season Two, Part Two [Blu-ray].

After quickly falling in love with My Hero Academia from the moment we first watched, we were desperate to see more from the students of Class 1-A. We had the opportunity to review Part One of Season Two, and by the end of it were dying to see how the season ended, so when we were given Part Two to review also, we were ecstatic that we’d finally get to see how Season Two comes to a close after the students complete their Hero Internships.

Once again, Studio Bones has done a stellar job with the animation - the dynamic shots and continuous exciting action were fantastic, the best of the series so far. And the sound design was amazing as usual, with epic music perfectly complementing the scenes and emotion. The voice actors all do a superb job again, and really lend credibility to their characters.

I couldn't not include this screenshot - that face!
Some of the prospects spend each day with their mentors training, and learning about how to focus their energy and their Quirks, meanwhile some, like Yaoyorozu and Kendo (who are interning with Uwabami), are left to experience the other side of being a hero: fame. From TV advertisements or modelling jobs, these heroes are utilising more than just their Quirks: Uwabami even goes on to address how pretty the girls are and how that is perfect in this industry (and was the reason she chose to accept them as interns). It's an interesting insight into what else goes on in the world of the Heroes.

The League of Villains are increasing their influence in the world, leading to other people with Quirks who disagree with the idea of heroes, etc. to have a “Poster Boy” to look up to. That poster boy happens to be The Hero Killer: Stain. Stain seems to have inadvertently been given this status however, as his view is slightly different to the rest of The League of Villains. He disagrees with people being “heroes” just because they can. The ones he chooses to kill are because of their false prophet style of being. They are heroes, but what do they actually do? The ones just in it for the fame, or the weak "un-worthy" heroes are prime targets for The Hero Killer. He’s a weird juxtaposition of a character, but one of the best villainous characters (in terms of relatability) we’ve seen in years. His mission is warped, but the reasoning behind it is there. You can understand why he has been frustrated with the way that “heroes” seem to be going, but at the same time you are aware that the way he is going about things is completely wrong.

As the season goes on, All Might is increasingly impressed with the effort that young Midoriya is putting in to improving – with a lot of help and guidance from All Might’s mentor, Gran Torino. He successfully managed to withstand 20% power, which is a huge jump from the 5% power he was utilising previously (with difficulty). Seeing the bond between Gran Torino and Deku, as well as in flashbacks between Torino and All Might, adds another layer to these characters, and really makes you feel for them, after everything they’re currently going through.

We also get to see a little bit more of Shigaraki, although I'm excited to see what's to come from him as he did take a back seat for a while. His unsettling character, and his whole demeanor really gives me the heebie jeebies, ha. The season ends with enough to leave you eagerly awaiting the release of the next, as you just need to know how the story goes on, and how the characters will continue to develop.

In the end, we decided that My Hero Academia Season Two Part Two deserves the Collecting Asylum rating of:

It's a Belter!

Have you seen Season Two of My Hero Academia? What did you think of it?
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