Thursday, 3 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2019 is here at last... or rather, already. 2018 totally flew by, and I feel like I was so, so much less productive than I'd have liked to be. I fell victim to procrastination far too many times, and buried my head in the sand about a lot of things - often losing track of release dates, etc. I felt very much not myself throughout most of 2018, and always felt like I was chasing my own tail trying to stay afloat with everything.

This year, as corny and cliche as it sounds, I am determined to stay on top of everything and keep to a planned schedule for everything. I also am planning on getting the Youtube channel back up and running, finally, within the next few months. I need to get some supplies first (camcorder, mic, etc.) but I'm completely undecided on what would be the best options. I have created an Amazon wishlist here, so if you have any advice as to whether I should go for these items, or get different ones (that you find are better/more suitable) then that would be appreciated.

I had planned on doing a weekly Entries to the Asylum post each week in 2018, and whilst I did keep that going for a while, it eventually got dropped because I lost track, and it was too difficult to remember/keep track of what came when. This year, I am going to make sure that I do this, as it's not only a regular piece of content for yourselves (and will eventually tie in with the Youtube videos so you know what's coming up soon), it's a good resource for myself to keep track of what items we have and when we got them. These weekly posts will be posted every Sunday evening, and will document everything that has arrived over the previous week. Full unboxing photos/videos will not be included within these posts, just simple front shots of each item (or possibly together in a group shot for each day's arrivals) and the more in depth posts will come separately.

I'd also love if everyone could take the time to give us a quick follow on our Social Media pages, as I plan on posting more content on those this year too (previously, Instagram got all the love).

If there's anything you want to see more of in 2019, or want me to start up, then please let me know. You can either send me an email or leave a comment below, and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

All the best for 2019,
- V x

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