Sunday, 21 June 2020

Asylum Unboxing: Tricky Towers Collector’s Edition [Switch].

As fans of physical media and wishing to conserve our collection, we love discovering companies that produce physical copies of games we love as well as games we’ve never played before. One such company that we came across recently is Super Rare Games. Based out of London - another huge plus for us as a lot of these companies tend to be across the world from us and lead to customs fees, etc. so to have one just down South is fantastic - Super Rare have been around for three years now, so for us to just find out about them recently feels like stumbling upon a goldmine!

They were awesome enough to send us over a copy of one of their latest releases: Tricky Towers Collector’s Edition. Like a lot of their previous releases, this one sold out super fast so that’s definitely a lesson for the future - if you want one of their titles, be sure to get in there early doors! Luckily there’s a few of their older titles that are still in stock that I definitely want to go back and get as soon as I can, especially some of their bigger releases such as The Gardens Between CE and Little Inferno w/ Steelbook, as those two are unbelievably gorgeous too.

Opening up the package, the game is wrapped in cellophane and within this includes a pack of 3 trading cards along with a Super Rare Games branded sticker with Tricky Towers artwork. The game itself is the most up to date version of the title, with all six of the previously released DLC packs built in right on the cartridge. These are Gem Bricks, Candy Bricks, Holographic Bricks, Galaxy Bricks, Spirit Animal Pack and Indie Friends Pack. The Indie Friends pack adds characters from other indie titles such as Octodad, Nuclear Throne, Lethal League and more for you to choose from while you play.

The artwork on the box is beautiful, with bright, pop-py colours that really stand out and make this game grab your attention. Even without having ever played it before, the packaging had me instantly intrigued. You can tell there’s a Tetris vibe to the game, with colourful, shaped blocks moving down from above and it’s up to you to stack them carefully. The Tricky part is in the Towers. Trying to get these to balance whilst keeping an eye on the timer and racing the ever ascending time-guide-line to the checkered banner can be infuriating, but hilarious. As well as the 50 single player trials, there are other game modes available, with local and online multiplayer options for up to four players to go head to head in different modes such as Race, Survival and Puzzle.

I am sad to say however that I am utter garbage at this game. It’s very well documented throughout my previous posts here that I am a very panicky player when it comes to games. Real sweaty palm energy from me. So that, combined with the very real issue of Joycon drift means that I simply suck at playing this. Playing in docked mode with my Pro Controller helps a tonne, but I still make a lot of dumb schoolboy errors in my panicked state - oops. Tricky Towers is a lot of fun, and is definitely addictive as even being as bad as I am, I could not stop having “just one more try” for a few hours straight. The portable nature of the Switch combined with the short levels means that this game is fantastic for travelling too, as you can just dive right in for a game and easily put it down a few minutes later after completing a level or two - well, if you can convince yourself to come off of it!

We are really happy with this release and will definitely be keeping an eye on Super Rare Games in future for all of their releases. If you want to keep an eye on them too, you can find them here as well as on Twitter.

Have you got any of Super Rare’s releases? What do you think of them?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

Thank you to Super Rare Games for sending me this copy of Tricky Towers Collector’s Edition!

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