Asylum Reviews: Cars 3: Driven to Win [Xbox One].

Cars 3: Driven to Win, developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros Games, is based on the latest installment of the Cars movie franchise. A racing game aimed at the younger generation of gamers: it is straightforward and simplistic in its style, with recognizable characters to draw you in.
With a wide variety of playable characters, from lovable Lightning McQueen, to newbies Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez, everyone will be able to find a character that they love. For the most part, I stuck to Lightning McQueen, whereas the wee man liked to change between the characters every time he unlocked a new one.

It's your standard arcade racer, with a bunch of tracks and different game modes. There's Race, the run of the mill race, where the aim is to come in first place. There's Battle Race, same as before, but with added weapons. Takedown, where you need to knock out the other cars as many times as you can. When the time is up, whoever has gained the most points …

Asylum Reviews: Cave Story + [Nintendo Switch].

Originally released in 2004, Cave Story was such a fan-favourite that it deserved a re-release on Nintendo Switch a massive 13 years later - after all, it was ported to numerous other Nintendo consoles, so it just feels right that it would be on the newest. Developed by the one-man-mastermind Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya and published by Nicalis, Cave Story + is just the type of game I was hoping for on Nintendo Switch. Having missed all of the earlier versions: from the original, to the Wii, 3DS (and more!) ports, the Switch version has been my first foray into the world of Cave Story.
Visually, the game is stunning. A classic Metroidvania style game, with well detailed areas and lots of exploration to be done, you’ll never be bored looking at the screen. If you’re a fan of these types of games, then you’re in for a treat. You play as Quote, a little robot who has lost his memory, who wakes up on this big, floating island and finds that he must save the Mimiga from the evil doctor …

Asylum Compares: One Punch Man: UK vs US Collector's Editions.

So here it is, our One Punch Man UK vs US Season 1 Collector's Edition comparison!
Just to confuse you, I ended up taking the photo below with the US copy on the left, and the UK copy on the right! But for the rest of this comparison review, I am doing the UK version first, followed by the US one.

The US version on the left (which is technically called the Limited Edition as opposed to CE), I purchased from RightStuf due to it coming with a bonus lapel pin (which is currently still available at the time of this post) - total cost, shipped to UK was $66.96/£53.49 - and luckily I didn't get any customs fees on my package (although this is something you may want to prepare for if ordering from RightStuf, as my previous order - My Hero Academia, was hit with £21~ customs!).
The copy on the right can be purchased at Amazon or Zavvi for £34.99 (or £24.99 for the DVD version). It just released on the 17th July, almost a full three months after the US had theirs released on the 25th …

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

So we're finally getting close to the release of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy! I honestly cannot wait, as Crash was one of my favourite game series growing up (Warped ftw).
Sadly the UK doesn't seem to have all that much in terms of an Edition, or anything like that. We've got some cool merchandise, but that's about it.
But Italy? Holy shit, Italy got this.

- Gioco PS4 Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy - Steelbook porta gioco in legno numerata - Materiale stemma centrale Aku Aku in resina a rilievo. - Dim. 15cm x 19cm x 2cm
Tiratura Limitata
Loosely translated, that works out as:
- Game PS4 Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy - Numbered wooden box (not at all sure why they have described it as a Steelbook?) - Aku Aku made out of resin and coated. - Dimensions 15cm x 19cm x 2cm
Limited printing
And at the price of €79.90!
According to the store's Facebook page, Showgame Palermo, this edition is limited and numbered to 100 pcs (and currently sold out), although t…

Asylum Reviews: DiRT 4 [Xbox One].

The latest release in the DiRT series is now here, and having been the first DiRT game I've played in years, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Career Mode, as the name implies, has you carving out a career for yourself within the Rally circuit. The driving feels smooth, yet realistic - and allows you the option of if you want an easier driving style or a more difficult, realistic feel to tailor the game to your preference.
One amazing new addition to the series is the "Your Stage" tool, which allows you to create custom tracks to race on. Broken into 5 countries: Australia, Spain, Sweden, United States and Wales, each with their own relevant terrains. Two sliders control the length and complexity of the tracks you're creating, making it a much simpler, streamlined process to create tracks than you often see in similar track creators, etc. especially considering how well they turn out once created (as opposed to looking like a mangled Frankenstein's monster of a track).


Asylum Reviews: Friday the 13th: The Game [Xbox One].

So this has a bit of a cheek to be classed under the Asylum Reviews title, as it's more of a review in progress, shall we say? But here goes, anyway...

Gun Media and Illfonic's little horror baby Friday the 13th: The Game was released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC last Friday; sadly not the 13th, but a Friday nonetheless. It has been subjected to many a harsh criticism since its launch from gamers and reviewers alike, including myself. However, it does have redeeming qualities that I hope will outshine the shortcomings and ultimately lead to a fully functional game once all the bugs are patched.
Now, I'm reviewing from the Xbox One perspective which has already been confirmed as having some of the worst problems due to a missing day one patch, so bear this in mind whilst reading.

Let's start off with matchmaking. Holy fuck. The matchmaking has been awful so far. Repeatedly I have been waiting 40+ minutes, alternating between watching the little "searching" bar tw…

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So here are the things that have recently been welcomed into the Asylum:
Monday 22nd May 2017
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